Blue Zoo Creative connects brands with targeted audiences by creating iconic digital and print experiences. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across the country.


What shape is your brand?

At Blue Zoo, we like to think of marketing and design problems as puzzles, tangrams to be exact. These ancient puzzles consist of seven geometric pieces which can be arranged to form an almost endless variety of images. We find this to be a powerful metaphor for our work and our team. There is no one correct solution for a tangram just as there is no “one-size-fits-all” marketing strategy. From a single logo design to a complex advertising campaign, our collaborative approach will find the perfect product for you and your customers.


The Pride

We refer to our Blue Zoo team as The Pride. It is a diverse, multi-talented and experienced group of professionals who are passionate about creating an extraordinary online presence for your brand. When you decide to get creative with Blue Zoo, we handpick the right combination of talent to ensure your business goals become reality.

  • Graphic Design and Branding
    Kate Hoopchuk
  • Web and Graphic Designer
    Josh Dunaway
  • Web and Graphic Designer
    Jeromy Price
  • Jamie Smith
    Content Specialist
    Jamie Smith
  • Graphic and Web Design
    Rachel Korpella
  • Photographer and Videographer
    Edwin Flores
  • Graphic Design
    Casey Weatherford
  • Mistie Allen
    Graphic Design
    Mistie Allen
  • Print and Web Graphic Design
    Sarah Thurstenson
  • Graphic and Motion Design
    Amanda Ford
  • Justin Williams the Mad Artist
    Creative Consultant
    Justin Williams

Our History

Co-founders Collin Condray and Eric Huber began Blue Zoo Creative in 2008. What started as a project to develop an easy-to-use website development tool for small businesses has grown into a full-service digital and print branding agency.

Blue Zoo has a proven ability to marry effective marketing strategies with bleeding edge technology. Measuring, monitoring, and modifying across multiple channels are all part of the digital world. While it’s important to know your current market, it is also important to have a vision of where and how you want to grow.

Our primary goal is to help brands shape and realize that vision.