Abigail Young

Content Specialist and Creative Writing

Contributing Writer for Backstory Boon

Abigail is the Pride’s go-to for editing and proofreading, and she is also one of our content creators. She has always been crazy about reading, writing, and the English language, so she dedicated herself to school and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English at just twenty years old. She loves English so much that she took the time to learn the aspects and intricacies of it that most people find boring or impossible–grammar, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure, ever-elusive “flow,” and the proper use of a semicolon. She now uses her skills in her freelance proofreading and editing company, Stressless Edits, where she acts as a “virtual writing assistant” for authors, businesses, and designers. Abigail wants to help her clients convey their beautiful, important messages professionally by polishing their content until it is flawless.

When she isn’t restructuring paragraphs and moving commas, Abigail writes and travels. She writes fiction, including one novel, one non-fiction book, and short stories. Although she grew up in northwest Arkansas, during her childhood a piece of her heart flew off to Great Britain. She has always loved learning about British culture and literature. She had the incredible opportunity to live in England for a year and travel Europe, which has left her with an incurable case of wanderlust. However, she currently still lives in northwest Arkansas, now with her husband.