Gretchen Friedrich

Content Creator and Social Media Manager

Content for EcoVet Furniture

Gretchen is one of the Pride’s content creators, as well as an adept social media manager. Gretchen is a native Arkansan, but attended school at the University of Alabama and currently lives in Tuscaloosa. She has worked in finance, administration, management, and marketing, but she now loves using words to help her clients reveal their core strengths and values. She has a versatile writing portfolio, from copywriting to lifestyle articles to real estate write-ups. Regardless of the project she is working on, her goal is always to ensure that the website or profile or marketing piece truly reflects her client’s personality and mission.

When she isn’t creating content, Gretchen enjoys photography, spending time with her twin girls, walking the trails, and Alabama football. Her favorite place that she’s ever worked from is Colorado Springs. She hopes to one day to live near the coast, since her flexible freelance job allows her to work from anywhere!