Jamie Smith

Content Specialist

Articles, press releases, social media, and blog posts.

Jamie is one of the Pride’s content creators. Jamie’s career in words began in 2002, when she joined the Benton County Daily Record as their on-staff education reporter. However, when the paper underwent a merger in 2010, Jamie lost her job and had to seek out a new career. It was then that she started her business, Jamie’s Notebook. At first she tried a little of everything, including social media planning, event planning, and writing press releases. She wrote for many local publications, including Talk Business (formerly The City Wire). After testing many options, she was able to discover her niche and her passion in copywriting for businesses and organizations. Her company’s tagline is “giving you a voice with the written word,” and her mission is to help businesses and organizations discover and express their passion and purpose through the content they produce.

When she’s not copywriting or consulting, Jamie participates in Captivating Heart Women’s Ministry, works as a Personal Leadership Effectiveness advisor, and writes on her personal blog, Jamie’s Thots, about food, family, faith, life with a chronic illness, and other adventures. She lives in Elkins with her husband. They enjoy playing with their four furkids (two dogs and two cats), testing new recipes, and seeing what’s new on Netflix.