Kate Hoopchuk

Graphic Design and Branding

Kate is the Pride’s expert on publication and print design, and she is also skilled in branding and photography. Kate attended Syracuse University in New York and earned a BFA in Communication Design with a minor in photography. She has almost 25 years of experience in the design field. Her husband was in the military for many years, and her work as a designer allowed her to find work all across the country as they moved. She has worked for businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, and newspapers. She has worked from the Big Dam Bridge, and learned how to shoot photography from a Cessna plane at 3,000 feet without getting sick. She currently also works for an art gallery in Greenbriar called Art on the Green.

When she’s not creating simple, beautiful designs, Kate plays a lot of tennis! She plays tennis, volunteers on the Greenbriar High School tennis team, coordinates a junior summer tennis league, and directs marketing for her local tennis association board. She also runs with a local group called “Women Can Run,” and enjoys monthly hikes with family and friends. Kate and her husband have two teenaged children, a dog, and a cat.