Mark Cloud

Chief Executive Officer

Mark has over twenty years of experience in marketing, business development and growth strategy. He’s passionate about the creative process and providing clients with an exceptional experience for all of their creative needs.

He has a degree in Marketing and several years experience in directing business development for various firms.

In addition to overseeing the client engagement process for Blue Zoo Creative, Mark also engages with the rest of the team to insure our clients’ experience reflects a collaborative approach that achieve the desired results.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.
– Mark Twain

Words from Mark…

My passion is to work with others through the creative process and empower our team by challenging them to pursue their true passion everyday. When the opportunity arose to become a Partner at Blue Zoo Creative, I embraced the idea entirely. The company had a solid foundation and the founders had developed a great reputation in the industry for providing quality work for their clients. What quickly became clear to me, is that we were just scratching the surface of our capabilities. I felt that we could not only expand our services but also disrupt the industry in the way we delivered these services. By providing our clients with hand picked teams to work with them on their projects, we are delivering greater results.

Other passions I have include: spending time with my family, experiencing the great outdoors and living out the life I’ve been called to. You can find me at various sporting events, or on the Buffalo river, various hiking trails or the beach in the summer, soaking up some sun. I give it my all to deliver what I promise to the people that fill my life…Family…Friends…The Pride…Clients

I challenge people to do things differently…