Rachel Korpella

Graphic and Web Design

Rachel is one of the Pride’s talented designers. Art and science were always her favorite school subjects, so when she discovered graphic design in college it was the perfect fit. She began her design career in 2001 making tee shirts for a local high school, and eventually began working for a small print shop. She found her passion there, in creating printed materials that helped empower local businesses. She values strong branding, and works to educate her clients about how they can improve their representation through quality, consistent design. Of all the places she has worked, her favorite was working out of a trailer for two weeks during the 12 year old World Series, editing photos and creating poster nonstop.

When she isn’t creating powerful branding, Rachel loves spending time with her husband and their four sons. They all enjoy camping and hiking together. She has been a Cub Scout leader for over five years, and she regularly volunteers at her church.