Tracey Young

Account Executive

Tracey onsite during a photo shoot for client.

Tracey is a Texas native brought to NWA by her deep rooted desire to work in the creative world. As a bit of an artist herself, Tracey has always been inspired by art and the people who make it, which is how she found her happy place at Blue Zoo Creative.

As an Oklahoma State Alumni, Tracey embarked on her professional career in Tulsa, OK as a Technical Recruiter where she discovered a fire for connecting people with the right opportunities. Making clients happy ultimately made her happy, but she craved the creative piece that just wasn’t there.

As an Account Executive At Blue Zoo, Tracey is able to connect clients with a select team of designers in order to create something aesthetically amazing. Whether that something is a new logo, website or brochure, bringing creative life to a product or concept that also brings joy to the customer is her definition of pure job satisfaction.

Tracey on-site touring a client’s facility to gain insight to better promote them to their customers


My view of working and its relationship to living was changed by the well-known book War of Art by Steven Pressfield. If you’re born with the God-given ability to do something (regardless if you are an artist, entrepreneur, business exec, or athlete) then you must find a way to liberate it, not resist it.

I recommend this book to clients or friends who may be on the fence about actually doing something they love. You may catch me re-reading this book in a hammock by the Osage creek or cruising with my chihuahua in bag, biking to downtown Bentonville.