You might have heard the buzz about Twitter from sources such as CNN and Oprah, but might still be wondering exactly what it is. Here’s a short video entitled Twitter In Plain English that spells out what Twitter is and how its different from a blog or email.

What Twitter gives to your business is an extra means of communicating to your customers. The Austrialian has a case study of how several local wine companies are using Twitter to promote their business. The article ends with several suggestions on how to use it including:

  • Be real. Don’t try to imitate someone else, let your personality show through your Tweets.
  • Use hashtags to organize the conversation around your business focus.
  • Twitter’s web interface is Use a Twitter client like Tweetdeck or Twirl to create groups of important users to pay special interest to and to follow related hashtags.
  • Make sure that your profile is filled out and include the link to your website.

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