So you’ve got a great idea for a business but can’t come up with a name that describes what you do. Here are some ideas on picking the right name for your business.

Maybe you have great name, but find out that someone else already has the website name. How do you find the right name that will catch on with your customers? ReadWriteWeb has a great article about finding the right company name and domain name for your business.

We at Blue Zoo Creative followed a similar method of picking our business name. Blue and Zoo rhymed giving it catchy phrasing and a “cheeky” fun name. The word Zoo describes how we view our clients: each needs basics (like animals need food, water and shelter), but each also has specific needs (like alligators need water to spend time in). The color blue is associated with feelings of trust and stability which are ways our clients have described us. Creative (changed from Websites in 2009) was included to describe the approach we take with our clients. The resulting name is fun to say, short at only five syllables, easy to remember, and made from three words that are search engine friendly.

If you’re looking for a good domain name, there are many tools out that will help you choose the right name based on a few keywords. The ones we like are:

Now it’s time to put your thinking cap on and get busy brainstorming names!