Web design seems to be regressing.

Six Revisions has a REALLY good article today on web design trends echoing styles of the early days.

good web design

While I have seen some really amazing flash animations and dabbled a little in the medium, I’ve personally felt that it was a waste of time and resources. Unless you’re building some game or motion picture experience, there is very little that flash adds to the ability to sell or promote a person’s product or service.

The latest trends of flash splash pages encouraging me to ‘enter’ is a prime example. Unless I’m going through an adventure of some sort, I (and most web site visitors) want one thing when I reach a site…solve my problem. Whether it’s a shower filter I need or personal counseling, I don’t want to have to watch videos, listen to music, or see an animated ‘anything.’ I want my problem solved.

Great design serves a higher purpose than merely splashy visuals and graphics. Good design supports function. In the case of most business websites, the key purpose is to create action, get more visits, build an email list and create sales.

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