With a little creativity, problems can lead to new solutions and sales.

In NW Arkansas, and in many other areas of the country, we’ve been hit by an unusual amount of ice and snow this week.

We bought our house this past summer and have already learned there is a lot of insulating to do for next year.

As I drove away from the house this morning, I thought, “Man, if only I had some heat vision goggles to see where all the heat leaks are.”

With my mind for marketing, advertising, and design, i immediately wished I knew someone who had a business testing for these things. While I’m not entirely sure on the technology, I know I’ve seen it’s available.

With advertising and marketing, we tend to push out our message either in a targeted way, or a general way.

I wondered if it would be possible for a Home Energy Auditing company to go through neighborhoods, snap a picture of a house, print it on a portable printer, drop it in an envelope, and hang it on the person’s house with a short sales pitch.

The time to sell your product is when the pain is the greatest.

What product do you sell that could reach people in their time of need?

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