As a part-time instructor at the New Design School in Fayetteville, AR, and a graphic designer for almost 25 years, I find it interesting on the view and understanding of the graphic design field.

Often, many believe you simply have to have the right software and know how to ‘push a button.’ As if the computer is merely a canvas on which we whip something creative onto.

In reality, while creative and often artistic, we take our understanding of the client’s needs, the target market’s needs, the voice, and many other concepts and information before we start the physical creation part.

Then there is the “pick two” method that is involved next: Time, Quality, and Price.

This infographic, below, by Colin Harman explains it well. Harman says,

Anyways, I love design, but it has it’s limitations in the creation process.

Think about your own business’ products and services and you’ll start to understand better.

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