Blue Zoo Creative has been happy to work with Wendy Poole, the Executive Director of the Ozark Literacy Council to update their website. In operation for 47 years, the Ozark Literacy Council is located in Fayetteville and is Arkansas’ oldest and largest literacy council. The original site had a functional but older design, but we wanted excellent way of showing off it’s new direction and that it’s under new management. This new site has a number of new features including a blog, photo gallery, and video support.

Additionally, it uses the WordPress content management system which makes updating the site about as complicated as updating a Microsoft Word document. This functionality lets Wendy describe new policies and programs for our two types of students, native English speakers and international students, without needing to learn a complicated system.

The Ozark Literacy council has over 60 volunteers and 220 students from 35 countries. The new site is used recruit more volunteers and inform potential students how they can improve their English literacy.

The new website makes it easier for visitors to donate as well. With a prominent donate button as well as the ability to pay online for our annual Open Book Affair fundraiser.

Please visit the Ozark Literacy Council’s website and let them know how you like their new site. If you know of anyone would needs help in developing their English literacy or would like to volunteer their time, please contact us.