Blue Zoo Creative is proud to announce three new additions to our staff.

Head Zoo Keeper
Megan Donley

Megan, our NEW Director of Operations has been a long time fan of Blue Zoo Creative. She brings a new level of organization and structure to better communicate with our clients and streamline projects. If you’re starting a new project with us, Megan will be setting you up with our Online Project Management system and keep you (and us) on task.

Director of Social Media Connectivity
Dianne Riggs

Dianne joins Blue Zoo Creative with a background in Social Psychology. Not only are we able to use all the great online tools available, our clients can now benefit from a deeper level of social connections in the digital realm.

If you need to connect more with your clients or potential clients, Dianne is the person to bring your groups and circles together.

Director of Growth and Innovation
Brad Volz

Brad joins team ‘Zoo’ with a passion for sustainability and simplicity. He’s excited to connect with new partners, help grow their business, and find innovative strategies for marketing online.

Business is more than selling. It’s about connecting people, passion, and vision.

Welcome to the menagerie!