Marketing is a conscious effort to discover & communicate the place where your customer’s acute needs & deepest desires meet your greatest strengths.~ Tara Gentileservice, helping people

The idea of Naked Marketing seems to be buzzing the web lately, thanks in part to Danny Ing’s new campaign using this phrase.

Then two days ago I read a post by Jill Konrath in SocialMediaToday. She wrote about the need to go to our sales presentations naked. Jill is suggesting that we go without our presentations, scripts, & agendas. Her idea is to learn about our prospect as a person first, before any selling or presenting. Seems obvious, but sometimes we forget in our zeal to create sales.

Good marketing is about service with a sincere desire to help people.

We could call this the naked truth about marketing, but catchy headlines like Naked Marketing attract attention!

The truth is people don’t like to be sold. They like to make choices based on good information, feelings, and or a sense of connection. And the best way to create these is to help them get what they want and need. Sales and business leaders have been suggesting for years that the key to sales success is to provide value and service.

Yes, we need to learn some core “sales” skills like how to find potential clients, how to communicate, how to make presentations, and how to connect. In this digital age, we need to know how to use technology and social media. And at the core of sales and business, success is still about relationships and helping people. People like to buy when they are attracted to the person, company, or product.

The way to be attractive to prospective clients is to provide value and to solve problems.

As Jill pointed out, they probably don’t care about us or our great product when we first meet. The best way to start the “sales” process is to learn about this person and their company.

Go to your meeting with the intention to listen and learn, rather than to present and sell. Then you will know if there is a need for what you offer. If you can solve their need a sale may come. If they don’t need what you offer, then you may be able to help by referring them to someone who has what they do need. You have provided value and service.

The essence of good “selling” is actually to be of service.

Do you see where this is going? This form of sales is focused on helping people get what they need, not pushing what you have on them. Let’s take sales to the next level where we care at least as much about the other person as ourselves. We could call it service or kindness marketing.

Get out, meet some new people, and lend a hand. Leave your agenda at the office. Let your heart lead you to choices that create the highest good for all concerned. Then you will be truly successful in your work and life.

What’s the naked truth about your marketing? Are you helping?

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