– Updated April 2015 –

Is Your Content Sexy

The sexy theme is fun and catches our attention, which are 2 key ingredients when creating great content. OK, it doesn’t have to be smoking hot sexy, but do your best to create great content.

Creating a plan for your content marketing is the first step. This is your chance to tell the story of you, your brand, your company and what benefits you provide or problems you solve. Creating your story is easier to do than ever with digital media. Great content starts with a good story. Then add graphics, pictures, or videos to capture attention and enhance the story. Your story and content marketing need to both capture attention and deliver interesting, useful information.

Here are five of my favorite ways to create sexy content.

  1. Capture attention with a catchy title. Did mine work? Many readers decide whether or not to read a post simply based on the title. If we don’t catch them with our title, we may never have the chance to share our great story or content.
  2. Create content that is both useful and relevant to your audience. What’s the benefit to your audience? Matching your company’s strengths to the needs of your target audience is critical to long term success.
  3. Tell the story of you and your business.  Why do you do what you do? What makes you unique? What benefits will someone receive? You get the idea; but make it personal and engaging. Great information isn’t enough in today’s crowded, fast paced digital world.
  4. Make your content fun and engaging on an emotional level.  You want to make a personal connection with your audience. Can they relate? Do they care? Again, great pictures, graphics, and videos can greatly help. You want to encourage them to read, comment, return, and build a relationship over time.
  5. Provide high value. This is similar to #2 and builds on #4. The more value that you give, the more likely you are to engage your reader for the long term. Most good companies, including Blue Zoo Creative, truly care and want to help.

Is your content sexy? If not, then start crafting your new story today. Make it useful, interesting, fun, and reflective of you. If you want any help in website or graphic design, content creation or marketing, contact Blue Zoo Creative today. We’d be glad to help.