Congrats to the organizers and sponsors for a great event. Everyone wins at WordCamp Fayetteville with an abundance of great information, helpful people and plenty of food. Thanks to our sponsors; Sharp Hue, Belford Group, Fayetteville Advertising & Promotion, Code Poet, Paze, Sticker Giant, Smashing Magazine, Backup Buddy, Dixie Cafe, Hayden Interactive, and more.

The quality and quantity of information was impressive. I had a one day crash course on WordPress, blogging, writing and social media. Maybe next year I’ll tackle some of the more tech oriented sessions like programming, design and SEO.

WordCamp Fayetteville offered something for almost everyone with a wide range of topics or skill levels related to WordPress. For the main event, there were four venues running simultaneously each hour for 7 hours. They also offered a pre-event party on Friday, a reception afterwards on Saturday and a Q & A session on Sunday. If you want to learn more about the event, speakers or talks, here’s a link to the event.

First WordCamp

Represented in this photo: Belford Group, Blue Zoo Creative, Haden Interative, and Sharp Hue.


I found myself wanting to have magic powers to be in multiple places at once so that I could attend all the sessions. Picking which sessions to attend was the hardest part for me. We were very well supplied with food and beverage. There was such an abundance of treats that I went overboard with cream filled donuts, coffee and barbeque. Maybe we could promote WordCamp Fayetteville as a  smorgasbord of food, fun and WordPress info. Personally, I’ll need more discipline or maybe they’ll have some healthy options like fruit and veggies next year.

I highly recommend the event for almost anyone. WordCamp Fayetteville was a fun, informative event and great way to meet people in the industry. There were many local folks as well as WordPress players from around the country. For a full list of the speakers, check out this link.

Thanks to many helpful, inspiring and practical tips from other writers and bloggers, I’m inspired to see how far I can go with my writing. Maybe in a few years you’ll see me on stage talking about my path to blogging success.

Here’s to dreaming. See you next year.

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Brad; writer, marketer and social media novice.