Do You Want Better Engagement with Social Media

Do you want better engagement with social media? This post will explore some of the latest research and psychology behind effective social media strategies.

Small talk is an element of social grooming. It’s one of the ways humans ease into connecting and conversing. This is social media’s version of breaking bread together. I must admit that I was sceptical at first. Like others, I’ve been hesitant to talk about my daily life on Facebook. Having read more from experts like Ric Dragon, I realize the wisdom of getting to know people online in personal ways before charging in to “sell” something. You might want to visit Ric’s website for more tips on engagement with social media.

We humans have a deep need to connect and build relationships. Social media gives us a powerful new tool to do so. Gamification is a term for rewarding people through social media. Facebook sharing and likes are obvious examples. Who doesn’t like a gift, whether in person or online, especially when it’s a surprise or helpful.

On a practical basis, this means it’s important to help others online. Please remember to share the happy juice with likes, shares, and follows. This is a simple and easy way to start engaging people online. We tend to follow, like and share those people and ideas that resonate with us. We are looking for our online tribe. They become the people that we most trust, enjoy and feel comfortable with.

As a marketer, the best way to engage your audience is to first learn about them. It starts with reading, studying and most importantly, listening. Listening is a powerful skill to develop in order to be an effective marketer. Once you discover what other people’s passions and problems are, then you can develop products, services and strategies to help. With services that match what people actually want and need, then you have a greater chance at success.

As you develop your brand and strategy it is important to have a consistent message and company voice. Some companies create an authoritative voice, others a helpful voice. At Blue Zoo Creative, we aim for a playful voice with helpful content. Use whatever voice fits your personality, services and company vision. If multiple people contribute to your online communications, you want to have a consistent company message blended with each person’s unique voice.

Before you jump on the social bandwagon, listen a while. You might learn something very useful.

Chief of Listening, Brad