Live Music Jungle Launches!

“Music is what feelings sound like.”  unknown author.

Music is a wonderful tool for touching people and lifting spirits. We each have different types of music that we enjoy. Songs that speak to us, stir our feelings and lift our spirits. Music is a creative, interactive art that touches us on a deep, primitive level. Welcome to the Jungle.

Team Blue Zoo is committed to bringing our passion for music online. We experimented with the idea of a social media site for music for many months. During that time, we created a way for bands to share their music and fans to find music that speaks to them. We call it Live Music Jungle.

Inspiration for the name comes from the Guns and Roses song “Welcome to the Jungle.” I grew up hearing the song everywhere; riding with my sisters or friends in the car, spending time with family on the boat or at high school parties.

“Life is a jungle” is the message that I heard in this song. The jungle theme also relates to the challenges faced by bands learning the music industry. Our intention is to help fans and bands navigate the jungle of music, promotion and venues. We offer local bands a digital vine for swinging into the hearts, ears and minds of fans.

Live Music Jungle makes it easy for music lovers to locate tunes that inspire them. Whatever music that you like, simply click on the genre, see the bands and sample sweet melodies from local artists. You can read interviews and reviews, learn who plays what instruments, discover their passions and find what venues they will be playing.

Watching live music is a thrill. Local venues gives us a chance to enjoy live music crafted by dedication, persistence and talent. Good music can be inspirational. For most bands, playing music is about sharing their joy through melody. As a listener, it’s about connecting and feeling the music. Music needs both musicians and audiences to thrive. Live Music Jungle helps complete the circle by doing what we do best, getting you online.

So… Quit Monkeying Around, join the Live Music Jungle. 

– Megan Donley

PS. As of July 2013, the Live Music Jungle is on hold. Thanks for your interest.