Conversations for Success

Relationships and communication are the keys to your success. Success starts with conversations with your customers and prospects to learn about them.

Pam Moore of The Marketing Nutz wrote a post called Smarter Conversations. In it, she gave five great tips for creating conversations for success. The most important tip was to make your customer your top business priority.

Here is a recap of her five tips to success.

  1. Focus on your customer as your top priority. Make sure you find out about your customers and prospects. Talk to them, ask good questions, listen and pay attention. Learn who they are, what they need, when they need it and what they would pay.
  2. Experiment and be willing to fail. Pam calls it “fail fast,” reminding us to be willing to experiment, analyze and learn from our mistakes. The sooner you start taking action and making mistakes, the better. Then you can learn and adjust to what your customers really want.
  3. Provide value. Many marketers, bloggers and business owners are talking about the need to provide value. This means to offer something that people really want and see the value. For many service businesses like Blue Zoo Creative, this starts with creating great content. Be willing to educate and help your prospective customers. Practice the principal of giving first to receive later.
  4. Relationships are the key. Quit worry about selling. Instead focus on building relationships. You are creating connections with people who may help you even if they don’t buy your product or service. They may refer you to a new client. They may come back to you next year. They may teach you what isn’t working with your current offering. Make the person more important than the sale. Then you will be successful.
  5. Analyze and track your results. This is the way to learn from what you are doing. Then adjust your strategies, products and services to match what customers really want.

Every business needs to practice these tips. Get started today. Find out what your target market wants and then give it to them.

Happy conversations. Get out there and talk to your customers.