Senior Works, LLC is the latest client to join our family, thanks to a connection from Troy Brazile of Impact! Technologies. We enjoyed working with Joshua Kilgore and Camille LaGrossa of Senior Works.

managed care, onsite health care

Team Zoo wanted to create a website that reflected the professional quality of their services. We are grateful to have learned about such a caring organization that serves seniors living in nursing facilities throughout Arkansas.

Senior Works offers a unique model of helping both residents and nursing homes in Arkansas.

Their mission is to be your partner in care and to earn your trust with great service. Currently, they provide a range of care in vision, dental, podiatry and audiology including glasses, hearing aids, preventative services, fillings, extractions and dentures. 

What is unique about Senior Care is that they deliver these services to residents onsite at their living facility. So both residents and facilities benefit from their managed care services. The residents don’t have to leave “home” to be served, reducing time and hassle to make appointments, be driven offsite and return. And the facility saves time and money by not having to supervise and transport residents off site.

For more information, visit their website or contact Senior Works today at 501-821-4300.