Did you know there is a beer called Holiday Cheer? While we aren’t necessarily recommending beer as the best path to Holiday Cheer, it is certainly one way!

Team Blue Zoo is on a roll for 2012 and we are happy to celebrate our success. Thank You.

First we grew from two to five fabulous zoo members. Now we are seven super staff strong. With this base of creative talent, our projects and sales have leaped like lords in lush fields of lassies. Thanks to all our new clients, friends, supporters and lords. We appreciate you.

To celebrate, we are having our first Annual Blue Zoo Zombie Party. Sorry to all you zombie fans, this is a closed feeding frenzy. Though we might visit your neighborhood for a midnight snack with Santa.

We would also like to celebrate the success of our clients. We seem to be collecting happy souls who want to spread happiness and cheer while doing business. Bring on the Happiness!

And keep you eyes peeled for exciting news on how you and your team can create a happy, productive team that innovates. More coming soon.

We wish you all the best for the Holidays. Now, go drink or spread some Holiday Cheer!

 (Special Note from Management: We hope you enjoyed Brad’s Holiday post. We have taken the “Holiday Cheer” away from him while he continues promoting and working on all of your projects. ~Eric)