Emotional Intelligence

To be effective, leaders must use positive emotions to encourage, bond and inspire their team.

I recently read an article by Deepak Chopra on using emotional skills to bond and lead your group, team or company.

Popularized by the book of the same phrase, emotional intelligence is a term for the skills related to emotions. This doesn’t mean that you have to cry to lead, but it does require an awareness of the impact of emotions on our relationships and team building.

Much like the happiness training that we recently received, there are key skills and practices that leaders can use to bring out the best in others. We are blessed to have great leaders in our team who understand that praise, building on strengths, and team building go much further than criticism, fear and intimidation. Besides being better motivational tools, they create an emotional bond amongst the team.  A team that bonds and cares will have the strength and connection to overcome challenges and produce better results. A win for everyone!

Here are 7 tips for effective leadership from Deepak.

  1. Build the self esteem of others.
  2. Reinforce the strengths of team members.
  3. Resolve conflict using non violent communication.
  4. Allow emotional freedom by witnessing, not trying to change people’s feelings.
  5. Share enthusiasm through which my good feelings become our good feelings.
  6. Practice genuine caring. Show attention, affection and appreciation for team members.
  7. Create opportunities for bonding through fun group activities, not merely networking events.

Now get out there and bond, as in emotions, not James!