When Steven Kraghmann, originally from Belgium, approached Blue Zoo Creative to translate his vision and passion and build an online presence, he already had a sense of awe and wonder for the world around.

We quickly discovered that while anyone can take a picture, not everyone can capture the moment, energy and feeling of being in a place.

We were thrilled working to showcase Steven’s passion to the world.

Steven Kraghmann in San Francisco

Steven often takes ‘leaps’ of faith in the spirit of excitement and passion.

Our Online Presence Management goals were to:

  1. Create a website to showcase his photography and allow for print purchases with a variety of options.
  2. Set up a beginning online presence in order for him to share his work and engage with others.
  3. To reach out to galleries for sales and exhibits (two were set almost immediately)
  4. Branding and graphic design for Inspired Photographika and his other endeavors to have the same look and feel.
  5. Strategy for product development such as postcards, books and more.

What is Steven’s vision for his photos? From the waves of majestic clouds cascading over ancient glaciers to the smallest bee gathering pollen for the hive, he offers you a moment in time to immerse yourself into his inspired and passionate view of the world.

Give yourself the opportunity to disconnect from your daily routine of never ending tasks. Take a moment to be still, quiet, and observe life around you. …

Cultivate thoughts of balance, harmony, and oneness with all things. Re-awaken your senses connecting with the wondrous world around you and be inspired!”

You can visit Steven’s Inspired Photographika today. Or see other projects, including Steven’s book, awakening, here.

Quit Monkeying Around! Join the Zoo.™

(Photos courtesy of Inspired Photographika and Steven Kraghmann)