It has been a delight to work with our latest client, Dawn Denton.

Our job is much easier when the client knows what they want and is responsive to our communication.

This helps us keep the project moving forward and on track to meet the client’s goals and needs. Dawn wanted a fresh new look to showcase her evolving garden and landscape business, Gardens By You and MeGardens By You and Me

On Dawn’s new website, the design, colors and function were created to be soothing, elegant and easy to understand.

We highlighted her primary offerings; design, presentations, teaching and inspiring others. Dawn has a passion for nature, design and education that reflects in everything she does. As a great bonus, Dawn offers her master gardener and design skills at very modest rates. Contact her today for more information.

Remember that your website is the hub for your online marketing efforts.

It serves as the place to share your most valuable content, educate and connect with potential clients. You need a comprehensive and integrated plan that includes SEO, social media, content and marketing. The plan for how you will share your products and services with your target niche. You want to keep the content current, valuable and accessible. And you want to reach out via social media, email and in person, but always direct your audience back to your website as your online business hub.

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