– Updated April 2015 –

Most of us use Google search, maybe even gmail or other services, but you might want to brush up on Google+.

Google+ is a popular social media site

Google plus features

Here are some key features and benefits for the new Google+.

  • Integration of services with Gmail, YouTube, drive, Google Docs, Hangouts and more.
  • Easier to use with new LH menu bar. You can even customize the menu items.
  • Hangouts; if you don’t know, this is Google’s free video conferencing. You can invite up to 10 people to connect online. Hangout integrates Google Docs to make business applications better for users.
  • More graphic friendly including a simple photo editor built in.
  • Circles feature to organize and focus your communications. This is key for wisely targeting your messages to the appropriate people.
  • Integration of social media and search. Google is using social media factors more and more in their search algorithms. Google’s Plus One ( +1) feature is a factor to help increase your search rankings. Chris Winfield recently wrote about the major impact of Google+ on breaking news search.
  • Google Communities is an online way to share your passions about a specific topic. Sharing can be public or private.
  • Integration with Google Maps and the ability to focus on local niche marketing.

There are many great features in Google+. Have fun exploring!

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