We learned a lot about thriving by working with Dr. Shona Palmer. website design, grow your business

Dr. Palmer cares about people and helping them to thrive. She treated our team with the same respect and care that she does her clients.

She wanted a new website that would support her mission to help people thrive. Dr. Shona created some goals, tools and starting content. Our job at Blue Zoo Creative was to help focus and develop her copy, marketing and website design to meet her objectives. Through a set  of clear goals, objectives, communication and follow up, we were able to translate her needs and desires into a brand new professional website.

Dr. Palmer wanted a professional website that gave her clients a clear picture of what services she offers, how she can help and a feeling of trust and thriving. We made sure to use soothing colors, clean design, pictures that convey trust, and engaging, useful information. When you visit her website, it’s easy to understand what she does, how she can help and how to contact her.

In her practice, Dr. Palmer helps clients to thrive, flourish and grow using a blend of positive psychology, integrative therapy, life and health coaching. She is a certified Life Coach and licensed Psychologist who specializes in helping people create holistic health and well being.

Remember to tell an interesting story with your website.

The story (content) and design are key to attracting and helping your potential clients. You want them to understand, value and trust you. Everything you do in the digital realm is built on the foundation of a good website. Build a good foundation to grow your business and thrive like Dr. Palmer.

We pride ourselves in offering high value and integrated web services; including website design, SEO, copy, social media and digital advertising. Woven together in an integrated plan, these services can help you and your business thrive.

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