Cerulean Blue Zoo Creative

Fayetteville, Arkansas – Blue Zoo Creative announced today that it is relaunching and rebranding itself as Cerulean Blue Zoo Creative in order to help clients and the community at large understand the specific blue hue they currently use.

Co-owner and Chief Creative Officer, Eric Huber, said, “We had a lot of confusion from the community as a whole and with new clients about ‘why blue’ in our name. Even when we explained that blue is a trustworthy color, zoo because of the variety of needs each of our clients has (like zoo animals) and creative because we think up stuff in different ways, everyone gets stuck on the ‘blue’ part of our name.”

Megan Donley, General Manager and Production Coordinator, explains further, “Every day I spend a good hour or two trying to explain why we are blue. ‘Are you sad?’ people have asked. They thought our lion logo looked sad and blue. It has been exhausting.”

The Blue Zoo Team got together and worked with Huber on going back to his original concepts and what they discovered was something that Huber himself hadn’t realized he had tapped into in his creation.

Morgan Bibbs, Art Director, said, “After about 12 hours of pressing him about why he stuck with the blue color, and in particular, that shade of blue, he finally snapped and we hit gold.”

Huber’s business partner and Director of Technology, Collin Condray explained further, “It was like being in the Matrix, after 12 hours of intense and coffee infused focus, I started seeing things in hexadecimals…that’s the language computers use in resolving web colors.”

What they uncovered as Huber broke down, and the phrase he kept repeating over and over as he rocked back and forth against the curved wall of the Fayetteville Public Library Reading Room was, “I just wanted everything to reach up to the heavens…the sky…the sky…the cerulean sky….”

Brad Volz, copywriter, says he was floored and he felt a sense of lightness upon the revelation. “It all made sense, and I did some quick research and found that he had tapped into ancient Latin word ‘caeruleus’ meaning ‘heaven or sky.’ It was an amazing breakthrough and connection.”

Dianne Riggs, Head of Social Media, said, “It became apparent that this was the key to all our client’s understanding. So I’ve coordinated a massive social media campaign beginning today in which we’ll be changing our logo and branding and explaining what this will mean as part of our business strategy as well as how this will elevate all our clients and clients yet to be in their business. We’re truly working on reaching the sky for everyone.”

With today’s release of Gmail Blue, the Team at the new Cerulean Blue Zoo Creative believes the move comes at the perfect time.

The sky isn’t the limit, however, Huber says. “It’s only the beginning.”

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P.S. Happy April Fools Day