Choosing project management software to use for your company can be difficult. project management

With such a wide variety of software, picking one can seem like a daunting task. How will you know if it includes everything you need? Can you afford it? Will it work like you need it to? As in life, nothing is perfect, but picking a program that serves your purposes can make all the difference. It’s important to choose something that works well for your business, your team and your clients.

Blue Zoo Creative uses software by 37 Signals.

Although they claim to be “trusted by millions of people in 30 countries”, we didn’t choose their software for their tagline or the name dropping, but for the usability and affordability of their products. As the project manager, one of my favorite things about their Basecamp project management software is the free mobile app. I can check in and update our clients on the go, no matter where I am. Highrise, which we use for our CRM, also has a mobile version.

The products we use with 37signals keep all our information very accessible. 37signals updates their software regularly. I often smile when we receive a new update, softer look or my new favorite, project progress at the top of the dialog. There are many handy features with these products. They don’t offer some features that I would like to see, but the overall function is good, especially for the value.

We encourage our clients to use Basecamp for communication, instead of email exchanges. There is a definite difference. Emails can get lost, deleted, or buried in the load of daily emails. In Basecamp, you can go to your project and review every communication to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Our clients who communicate with this software see faster response rates, quicker delivery, and have an overall better experience.

More on how to get started with Basecamp in my next tip!

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