We are super excited to announce the launch of the new website for War Eagle Mill.

And maybe a little tired and grateful mixed in!new website launch for War Eagle Mill

Sometimes it takes a village to raise a child. This new project was similar, only in fast motion. It required great team work from the staff of both War Eagle Mill and Blue Zoo Creative. This was an enormous project in terms of scope, design, information, e-commerce, complexity and timeframe. For you designers, the wireframe looked like a giant spider web that kept growing and shifting as the job progressed.

There are many ways that it could have failed. Fortunately, both teams focused and rose to the challenge. We met the client’s short deadline. One of the challenges was how to blend 180 years of history with modern form and function. This was a grand adventure, only speeded up. Blue Zoo was given about one month to complete a project that was one year in the making.

Our team rose to new levels of competence, commitment and teamwork in order to meet the deadline for this project. In the process, we learned a lot about better communication, cooperation and teamwork. We learned to ask for help. We learned to be flexible. We learned to communicate better. And mostly, we learned that we can do more than we might have previously thought possible.

We learned the benefits of good processes, goals and tasks to keep the project on track. And when we strayed, Megan (our super project manager) was there to keep us on task. And we learned about our personal strengths and weaknesses. We’ll try not to get too big headed, just thankful for a project well done, but maybe a little celebration is in order.

A great big thanks to Elise, her staff at War Eagle Mill and our Zoo crew.

Congrats to all. We rock!

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