Work With Us, So We Can Work For You!

Work With Us, So We Can Work For You!

Like any relationship, our projects are a two way process, and  we want to make your experience pleasant and easy.

By using our project management system, Basecamp, we can give you the best results.basecamp software

“Making collaboration productive and enjoyable for people every day.”- Basecamp tagline

To begin your project, you will receive an email invitation from yours truly, welcoming you to your project and asking questions that help our creative team craft your project.

Signing into the system is easy, you just follow the link provided. Setup a user name and password and begin looking around. You will see a couple of tasks set up for you and the welcome discussion. We use this software for all our internal and external communication so that we can keep every detail in one place. Clients can upload files, assign us tasks and receive weekly updates.

One challenge we have is clients who don’t want to use Basecamp. They are in the habit of using email for communication and may not want to shift to our project management system. Trust me that it is worth it. If you value clear communication, quick responses, deadlines that are met, and having a great experience, then help us help you by using Basecamp.

We’ve got your back if your forget to use Basecamp and send an email. I’ll be waiting with my “email net,” but using Basecamp will give you a better experience, track all communication in one place, help us achieve your goals and make my life easier. Thanks!

Here are some tips for using Basecamp to communicate:

  1. Create your username and password and say Hello.
  2. Give feedback on your project updates, items needed for approval, and tell us what you want.
  3. We are here to listen and deliver a great product to you.
  4. Enjoy your time with us because we enjoy helping our clients.

Thanks for working with us so that we can work for you!

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