Czap Health Care is on track to be your premier health care insurance provider.

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Mike Czapliskie has a big heart and cares about giving great value to his clients, just like we do at Blue Zoo. He has built his agency on the 4 cornerstones of great service, professionalism, superior knowledge and community service. If you want help in navigating the upcoming health care changes with the Affordable Care Act, then you need to contact Mike at Czap Health Care.

This was an interesting project. We helped Mike create an online presence where previously he marketed offline in traditional ways. He didn’t even have a website previously! Blue Zoo helped Mike understand the synergies of building a great website as the hub of your online business. We created a new website that has a clean and simple design, is easy to use, and helps inform people about their choices in health, supplemental, prescription, vision and dental plans.

Next we helped Mike set up his social media with new profiles, updates and consistent posting. There are plans for developing more content to help; people understand their health care choices and spiders to find and rank higher in search results. This is part of a larger ongoing plan to build, implement, test and refine what works best in promoting Czap Health Care’s online presence.

As Mike builds his content, he is building an audience, visibility and credibility as an expert in health care plans. Very timely in view of the upcoming changes from the Affordable Care Act. But you can’t depend on one set plan or tool, good online presence management involves testing and measuring what works in order to shine online.

Are you ready to get your online presence on track?

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