Are you confused by all the information about marketing, social media and online presence?

One expert says use Facebook, another says Twitter, a third says Pinterest. Buy ads, don’t buy ads. Use email to sell, don’t. They all may be right. It depends on your product, target audience and goals.

In case you don’t know, your online presence is the sum of all you do to display and market your business online to create more traffic and sales.

online presence management

Blue Zoo wants to be your ‘jungle guide’ to help you manage your online presence (infographic and more details coming soon). With an experienced guide, you’re more likely to reach your destination (larger audience, engaged social media, new customers, more sales, etc).

Everything we do is designed to bring more traffic to your website. 

Before we rush off to create that shiny new website or Facebook page, it’s best to have a map of the territory. You supply the destination, and we supply the map (tools, strategy) to reach your destination. You’ll want to clarify your vision, products, and values for your business. In other words, where do you want to go? We created our get started questionnaire to help you clarify what you are wanting to do with your business, website, and marketing.

Once we have the destination, then we need to know what kind of critters or people you are hoping to find on your trek. This is a key step to know exactly who is your ideal target client or customer. Then we can help plan strategies to find and attract those folks. While we don’t currently hire out as business coaches, we can help manage your online presence.

When your creative brief is complete, we sit down with you to match your needs to our services and products. In other words, we want to use the best tools to help you reach your destination. Our key areas of expertise are website design and development, SEO, analytics, blog and copy, social media, and digital advertising.

Here is an infographic showing the steps for attraction marketing. Blue Zoo Creative can help with all 6 steps. Again, the point is to get more website traffic, conversions and sales.

Are you ready to master the digital jungle? 

Quit Monkeying Around! Join the Zoo.