One of our newest clients has a passion for serving community.

Community Acupuncture of Longwood

Beautiful courtyard to Community Acupuncture of Longwood

Talking with Pamela Verlander, it’s clear that she has a passion for helping people relieve pain and achieve their health goals.

Pamela has been serving community her whole career, first as a nurse and now as an acupuncture physician. Her business model at Community Acupuncture of Longwood (CAL) is to make health care, via acupuncture, accessible and affordable. They offer quality acupuncture in a supportive community setting with an affordable sliding scale for services. Her clients choose what they can pay. Wow!

Pamela had the vision, clinic and acupuncture skills. We helped her with a dramatically new website, quality content, better organization, targeted message, professional design and a plan to build her business with online presence management.

We used testimonials to help demonstrate the care and competence in how clients are served at CAL. Then we added FAQs to help them understand the services, pay structure and how CAL is different than many acupuncture and health care practitioners.

WordPress makes it easy to update your site with attention grabbing media like pictures, videos and even music. We created a photo gallery for Pamela to share a fun and personal look at her business.

Pamela now has a professional new website to serve her existing clients, educate potential new clients and operate as the hub for her online marketing and promotion.

Providing high quality products with great service is a timeless was to attract and retain customers. Here is a post on getting more referrals. 

Are you ready to excel at serving your clients?

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