Lead_NetworkingHow would you like to be flooded with referrals?

Most of us love referrals, but don’t always have the steady stream of them that we want. Some business people assume that referrals will automatically come if they do a good job. They might, but in our busy lives filled with information overload, instant communication and constant requests for our time and attention, don’t depend on old fashioned word-of-mouth referrals alone.

If you want to receive more referrals than you know what to do with, then you need to earn them. Here’s how to create your own referral magic.

  1. First of all, you need to offer a great product or service. This is the foundation for your success. Would you refer a company that provided marginal benefit or a mediocre product? Of course not! You need to provide a product that wows people with it’s great features and benefits. Then you have something worth talking about that people might want to share. In a service business, your service is your product, so you need to give outstanding service that makes people notice and remember you.
  2. Give great value to your customer, ideally more than expected or is typical for your industry. This is connected to offering a great product or service. Learn more about value in this tip called the ABCs of Great Value. The key is to give more than expected.
  3. Your passion is another hidden asset. If you don’t have a passion or joy for what you are doing, it is much harder to excel. When we love what we do, our passion shines like a giant beacon that proclaims to the world  “Look here, great things are happening!” Some people’s passionate is so strong that it becomes a magnet for others who want to be around them, regardless of what they are doing. This is how great companies like Apple are built. On the passion and vision of their leaders.
  4. Offer a fun incentive for referrals. Reward your loyal customers for their help. You especially want to target the highly visible or powerful “influencers” in your industry. This will add fuel to your referral magic. Just like in social media, incentives help drive traffic, fans and buzz. Give them something exciting or fun to talk about. You want to help them feel good about helping you.
  5. Ask for referrals. This might seem counter intuitive, or obvious, depending on your perspective. You need to ask for referrals. If you’re doing a great job for clients, you will probably receive some referrals automatically. But if you want to thrive and create referral magic, then you need to ask for them. You could add a sentence in your emails and blog posts asking for referrals. Or you can create a campaign that highlights the incentive for people who share your story. Then promote it on your website, social media, emails and newsletter.
  6. Give referrals to others. This is another great way to keep the flow going. Like many things, we often receive what we give. So give some referral love to the people who’s products and services you appreciate

For more ideas on referrals, read this post by Dave Kerpern.

The intersection of your great product, fun incentive and influencers is your sweet spot for receiving a steady stream of referrals or what I call referral magic. This is where everything flows easily and naturally because you have done the work to be worth talking about and sharing with others.

Now get out there and start referring today. We’re creating a new referral program. Look for exciting details coming soon!