– Updated April 2015 –

What are the ABCs of great value?giving great value

The key to value is giving more than typical or expected. We may not have the lowest priced web services in town, but we aim to wow you with our value, service and integrated solutions.

Our goal at Blue Zoo is to provide great value in all that we do.

Taking a lesson from Tara Gentile, we are less concerned with “monetizing” our blog and social media. Instead, we focus on solving your problems and providing awesome value in the products and services that we offer. We go way beyond simply creating a new web site for you. 

This is how we give great value.

We offer a comprehensive array of services, starting with helping you clarify your vision and goals, updating your website, and creating design that conveys your message. Then, we integrate with SEO, copy, social media, digital ads and more. We are your source for integrated web solutions.

  • A- Our design team will flesh out the scope of your project. If it’s a new website, then we will create a wireframe of the site to organize and plan the project. We have step by step processes to ensure that we deliver what you want in a timely manner.
  • B- Megan, our project manager, will guide you through the process from day one. She will send messages, make calls and ask questions to keep everyone on track to complete your project in a timely and awesome manner.
  • C- If you want your online business to excel, then add value with some of our comprehensive services. We can create, edit and organize your copy to send a focused message to your target audience. We can integrate your website promotion with keyword research, SEO, targeted ads and engaging social media to turbocharge your online business.

When you are ready to excel, contact a zoo member to help you navigate the digital jungle. It’s a zoo out there.

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