We’d like to acknowledge our latest client, Pandache.

Pandache Handmade Hats & Scarves

Pandache models

Lida is a sweet woman who has a passion for old-fashioned, traditional handmade knitting. She has a family business that uses techniques handed down by family from the mountains of Chihuahua.

She wanted a new website that would showcase her wonderful talent and collection of handmade scarves and hats.

First, we updated her website design and function to highlight her wonderful collection. Lida’s new gallery is so much easier to browse and find the many wonderful choices of colors and styles. This is key for online sales; make your products easy to find and select.

Next, we updated her e-commerce with a better store and easy to use PayPal functions. Now her beautiful collections can easily be browsed, appreciated and bought from the comfort of your home or even mobile device.

Finally, the whole project progressed smoothly with great communication. It really helps to have a client who quickly responded to our emails and communication so we could keep the process moving along. By the time we were done, we had a very happy client who appreciated our skills and professionalism.

And thanks to Northwest Arkansas SCORE for the referral. In case you don’t know about them, SCORE is a great resource for small businesses with consultants in all areas of building your business.

All these steps help build Pandache’s online presence. Creating a great website is just the foundation for building your online presence.

Next time you want a special gift, remember the handcrafted hats and scarves at Pandache. Thanks Lida for another fun project!

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