Meister and McCracken Law Firm has been serving Fayetteville since 2009. Meister and McCracken Law Firm

Joshua Meister and Joanne McCracken joined together to serve a broader audience in Northwest Arkansas and Southern Missouri.

They have a good law practice offering caring and competent help to clients, but they weren’t getting the online recognition that they wanted. Their Meister and McCracken Law Firm website was functional, but not reaching their audience.

They had wanted to update their website for a long time, but got serious about the project after seeing an article that mentioned how websites are a key factor for clients in choosing a product or service.

They enlisted Blue Zoo to help them update their website, content and online presence. It was a pleasure to work with Joshua, Joanne and Stacy.

Once they understood the importance of a website for online success, they became very motivated to update their online presence

First we updated the design for their main website. Next, we did keyword research to find the highest searched terms for their areas of law practice. Then we helped them pick the best keywords to use in focusing and developing their content to reach their audience. We also added new functionality to their site, a SEO plugin and a blog. The plugin and blog will help them add content that is relevant and useful to their targeted audience, and improve their search results.

After discussing online strategy, we decided to add a secondary website focused strictly on bankruptcy law, one of the key areas of their practice, and an important market to target. The secondary site will help them with SEO and search rankings. Finally, we are hosting their 2 websites. Now, their online presence is focused and ready to attract and serve their audience.

Congratulations to Joshua and Joanne on their professional new websites and focused online presence.

Are you ready to focus for success?

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