Kieklak Law Gets Focused Online

Kieklak Law Gets Focused Online

We’re grateful to have helped Kieklak Law Firm get focused online.

 Kieklak Law Gets Focused Online

This project was a complete makeover for their online presence. 

Ken and Michelle came to Blue Zoo knowing they needed an update, but not clear on what they wanted. We helped them get focused online with priorities, plans and actions for an integrated online presence strategy.

We started with plans and goals. Then we created new branding with fresh logos, tagline, letterhead, business cards and even signage to align with the new goals. With the new brand in mind, we then designed two new websites to highlight their new focus and purpose, serving as the home bases for their online presence.

Next came content to serve their target audience, demonstrate their expertise and provide value. And we even differentiated their audience into two websites with separate content and designs, each focused more narrowly on a target niche. Then, we made numerous refinements to their sites and content to help with SEO. Finally, we’ve updated their social media channels and suggested social media campaigns to begin attracting and engaging their audiences.

To be more effective, Blue Zoo offers specialists in all these areas of online presence management; web and graphic design, branding, social media, SEO, content and marketing.

Check out their new websites, Kieklak Law and Social Security Disability Arkansas. Ken is a true professional, who knows the law and how to get the best results for you. If you have any questions about personal injury, disability, negligence or product liability, contact Ken Kieklak.

Are you ready to focus your online presence for success?

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