Top Social Media Trends for 2014

Top Social Media Trends for 2014

As we anticipate the drop of the ball in Time Square on New Year’s Eve, we start to make our list of resolutions, goals and wishes for 2014. As business owners, or anyone who works in Social Media Marketing, we need to look at what trends will rise and fall, and change  the way we do business.

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So what will be the social media trends for 2014?

  1. Twitter

With Twitter going public last month, the stock shares rising, and the fact that Facebook themselves announced they were losing the younger crowd to their Twitter rival, everything points to Twitter domination next year. What’s more? It seems lately there are more and more ads on my Twitter feed, giving businesses the perfect opportunity to do some advertising. If you haven’t learned to send a proper tweet, now’s the time to flap those wings and learn to fly! Even companies you apply at are expecting it. According to a recent article by CNN/Fortune, there are 13 times more jobs on this year that involve social media in some way.

  1. Myspace

I can’t believe I just said that! Myspace is reinventing itself and is throwing its hat back in the social media ring. While it will be geared mainly for bands, fans and music lovers, according to Forbes, Myspace has created an app for iphone allowing users to private message, network, and listen to their own personalized radio station. So, if you’re like me, it’s time to channel your inner 8th grader and give Myspace a second chance.

  1.  Micro Videos Vine: Hot apps, micro videos



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Perhaps the biggest social media trend of 2014 will be video. With hot new apps like Twitter’s Vine (which grew 403% this year according to Mashable), Snapchat (who turned down a $3B offer from Facebook), and now Instagram all being video capable, micro videos are hot!

[tweetherder]If pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos are worth millions! Whitney[/tweetherder]

While Twitter, MySpace, and micro videos may be what’s hot and rising, don’t count out the former leader of the pack. Facebook isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to compete and will continue to play a vital role in the Social Media world. The same can be said for our friends LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. In fact, according to Forbes, LinkedIn may be the best channel for B2B, and Google+ may be another key player due to search and social integration. These are well established social channels with millions of users.

One thing is for certain, while 2013 may have allowed some of the late bloomer businesses to “get their feet wet” in the social world, 2014 will be the year that Social Media becomes a necessity and not an option. It is crucial to the way you run a business to be on Social Media. If all of these social channels were to collapse and fall apart tomorrow, you can bet the bank there are already many in the works to take their place. And your website remains the foundation for building your online presence.

If you haven’t jumped into the social pool, then go pick out a suit and jump in! The water is nice and cool! Or let us help you get started.

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