Finding Your Story for Social Media

Finding Your Story for Social Media

Finding your story for social media is crucial for engagement.

In an article by Social Media Examiner, Monica Carter Tagore was discussing storytelling. She said, “storytelling is about connecting with your followers, friends and circles on an emotional level. And when you do, you’ll have a deeper and more meaningful social media conversation.”

This quote stands out for us because this is how we approach social media for Blue Zoo.MonkeyClass

Attempting to discover Blue Zoo’s story is a journey in itself when starting work for the company. Social media experts must examine the company, talk to the employees and managers, discover the value and mission of the company, and somehow illustrate this through our social media channels.

Our top values are happiness, innovation, and teamwork. Blue Zoo values happiness. Blue Zoo arranged for the staff to take part in an Office Happiness training program by Dr. Aymee Coget. This led to a more connected, loving, and hard working team. Our clients notice our great attitudes and how much we care about their passions and happiness.

Learning how to present these emotions in an engaging story to our social media followers is exciting. The process inspires us. We’re passionate about helping our friends & followers feel better. We enjoy looking for inspiring quotes and sharing tips from our happiness training. We also encourage our friends to think about their life by asking about their hopes and dreams.

Once we started telling this story, our social media channels blossomed. It seems like our followers began to understand our company more and appreciate the content we shared. We continue to receive more “likes” and “shares” when we post anything that helps our friends stay positive.

We encourage you to examine your company. Think about what you value and how you want to present this to your followers. Once you can connect with your followers on an emotional level, they’ll keep coming to your page and start engaging. For more on the power of story to help you connect with your audience, read this post called Stories: Is Yours Working?

Quit Monkeying Around. Find Your Story Today!

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Good luck and happy examining!