Client Spotlight: Stafford Development Strategies

Client Spotlight: Stafford Development Strategies

May 19 client launchBlue Zoo recently launched the new website for Stafford Development Strategies, a Fayetteville company that specializes in assisting non-profits with readiness & strategic planning, fund development & gift planning, plus coaching & training.

Stafford really does it all!

Job Embedded Advisor & Facilitator

Led by Teresa Stafford, Stafford helps non-profits with their current needs and planning for the future as well. They use a job embedded advisor and facilitator – someone who is on site, working with your leadership, teaching board and staff, coaching and supporting strategies.

Strategic Planning with Follow Through

Strategic planning is backed up by onsite, day-to-day partnership and support, and never just stays on the shelf. Goals are achievable, action items are clear, and deadlines are set, so that there is follow through and your organization actually reaches its goals.

Unified Strategy for Fundraising

Fundraising is not limited to set-piece events, but shifted to a unified strategy that strengthens connections and helps to ensure sustained relationships. Stafford works with you to build progressive relationship strategies that target four essential groups: individuals, the community, constituents and volunteers.


Teresa Stafford has over twenty-three years of extensive, successful leadership in non-profit and higher education fund development. She understands that success in building relationships with donors requires aligning donors’ passions with organizational needs. She specializes in building strong development teams and effectively engaging your key leadership, board members and the community.


Stafford’s Overview of Services has an impressive list of services that they offer to non-profits.

Their tagline is, “Igniting Growth through Planned Action,” and Stafford stands ready to help your non-profit transform into a robust organization with long-term, healthy and sustained growth!

Blue Zoo is proud to have helped bring Stafford online. Feel free to Contact Us if your organization needs a new website as well!

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