Social Media Roundup for August – October

Social Media Roundup for August – October

Blue Zoo has had a lot to share over the last few months, including our fun ‘Monday Motivational’ posts, announcements of new zoo clients and the launch of completed websites, our three-part series on Demystifying eNewsletters, a presentation about Social Media Analytics by Collin at the UofA, and our most recent client spotlight.

Don’t worry if you missed any of these, though, as we have provided a social media roundup of all our most important and interesting posts right here!

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News Posts

thumbnail mockup_air-websiteannounce-Burks-ADR mockup_air-websiteannounce-Corporate-Yoga-Muse mockup_air-websitelaunch-BurksADR mockup_air-websitelaunch-Integrated-Neuro
mockup_air-websitelaunch-whitaker newatthezoo-Yavapai SneakPeek-moxie The Crypt

Monday Motivationals

11990485_1124767580884946_5645140293620775546_n freaked-out-fox halloween-graphic2015 giraffe-kicking3 I-gotta-be-me! (1)
kangaroo bounce king-of-the-jungle laughing lazy-lion lemurs
ostrich2 peacock

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