Get FREE Hosting When You Refer a Friend

ticketWhy Do Companies Only Offer Stuff for Free to New Clients?

We wanted our existing clients to benefit when new folks sign up for hosting with Blue Zoo. Earn Free Hosting by referring your friends! This offer counts whether your friend needs a website or just hosting with us.

Simply give your friend a shout and let them know about us, and then come here to fill out the form below with your information and your friend’s. We’ll give them a call and see if we can help them out, and if they end up using Blue Zoo Creative, we’ll be sure to credit your account for three months of hosting (a value of up to $89.95*).

Earn up to four credits – one full year of FREE hosting! We’ll let you know when your friends sign up and a credit is given on your account.

Thanks for being a loyal client of Blue Zoo and trusting us to help your friends!

~Eric, Collin and the whole Zoo Crew

*Credit applied at time of new client signing, and not applicable for a refund on fees already paid.

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