Our Process

Specialized teams collaborating with clients to transform big ideas into reality

At Blue Zoo, we like to think of branding challenges as puzzles, tangrams to be exact. These ancient puzzles consist of seven geometric pieces which can be arranged to form an almost endless variety of shapes. We find this to be a powerful metaphor for our work and our team. There is no one correct solution for a tangram just as there is no “one-size-fits-all” marketing strategy. From a single logo design to a complex advertising campaign, our unique process will create the perfect “shape” for you and your brand.

Coffee Meeting

Where we sit down, get to know each other, dig into the biggest challenge and look for opportunities to find solutions.


Should we be lucky enough to be chosen to work with you, we’ll kick off a meeting with our team and yours in a one-two hour collaborative session to do a deep dive into your brand and project.

The Team

Part of our strategy is to hand-pick a team of passionate professionals who are vetted experienced members of the Blue Zoo Creative “Pride” of contractors.

Design Phase

Whether we’re building a brand, website, or campaign, here’s where we all go off and make magic happen. Photography, vIdeo, graphic design, content writing, development, and more all goes into this phase.

Project Review

We like to ensure the trajectory of the project is on course. It’s far easier to make adjustments when we check in along the way at key points for review. This happens at many points.

Project Launch

Before the final launch, we still make sure we review carefully along side of you to ensure all elements are ready to go. From your website launch to an advertising campaign, we’ll cross-check to make sure it’s a success.

Full Service

Blue Zoo is a full-service creative agency that builds brands, empowers businesses, and transforms the lives of our clients and their customers. From the delightful to the weird and from the informative to the entertaining, we create digital and print experiences that help businesses of all sizes thrive.

Think of this as your invitation to get creative with us.