Security VaultHeartbleed. iCloud Leaked Pictures. Home Depot Credit Card Loss.

The NSA.

There have been a lot of stories in the news lately about all sorts of computer break-ins, botnets, viruses, and password database losses. At Blue Zoo Creative we are as paranoid as you about protecting your website and take extra steps to keep your site safe and running smoothly. However, computer hackers are always improving their game and any computer or website can be hacked. The name of the game is to be less hackable than other sites.

Security Scan 2

Security LogoToday we want to offer an additional level of security to find and eliminate security issues with your site if you host with us or have a self hosted WordPress site.

For only an extra $5/month we can add another layer of security to your WordPress site. We’ve teamed up with one of the leading WordPress security providers to give you this inexpensive protection for your site. This is the same protection we use for Blue Zoo Creative and our personal sites.

This plugin provides the following defenses:

  • Scan Core, Theme and Plugin Files
  • Repair altered files
  • Scan content for bad URLs
  • Scan for known malware
  • Scan for hundreds of common backdoors
  • Includes a complete firewall
  • Limit rogue crawlers from getting on your site
  • Intelligently block attacker networks
  • Block brute-force attacks and fake Googlebots
  • Enforce strong passwords
  • Scan for DNS changes

After upgrading, you’ll also get

  • Second factor authentication requiring a unique code from only your cellphone or tablet to sign-in
  • External site audits
  • Block attacks from entire countries from even accessing your site
  • More frequent security scans

Green Check BoxIf you’re interested in this, please fill out the form below to pay for your next year of protection. We’ll get it installed right away and update your hosting so you can sleep a little easier at night knowing someone else is getting hacked, not you.

What happens if I don’t upgrade?

You’re still protected with our fanatical security plugins which provide high quality protection against most attacks. Think of this solution as adding a home security system on top of your deadbolts and window locks.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, let us know and we’ll give you a call to discuss what it does.

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