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Eric Huber | Co-Owner and Chief Creative OfficerEric Huber

Chief Creative Officer / Co-Owner

  • Graphic Design for 27 Years
  • Web Design for 17 Years
  • Content Creation for 8 Years

What’s Most Important?

Content is not just written to be read. Content is written to be read, searched and optimized.

  • People
  • Machines (Search Engines)


When writing content for marketing, and specifically advertising, you have to make sure that you grab people’s attention.

  • Solve a problem. Don’t delay. People visit sites for a reason and if they don’t find a solution, they ‘bounce.’
  • Organize. Don’t make people think. Give them organized structure, bulleted lists and action statements.
  • Be real. Stay to the point and write to the target audience. Engineers read differently than people needing crisis help.
  • Actionable. Be straight and to the point and ask people to take action several times.


Take search engines into consideration. Headings are not for decoration, they are for importance of information and organization of that importance. Additionally, many HTML tags are available to encourage search engines deliver content more effectively. <blockquote> is one example.

  • Hierarchy
  • Keywords
  • References (back and forth)

Yoast SEO is stupendous. More may become available in the future.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Other Content Considerations

  1. Long Sell Pages RULE Long Sell Landing Page (PDF)
  2. People don’t want to be sold. They want to buy. Make sure you’re language shows how a product betters their life.
  3. Testimonials close sales. The more the better.
  4. Follow the statistics. While they can be misleading, read correctly, they will give you valuable insight.

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