Megan Tucker8 min read

Chief Culture Officer

Megan with members of The Pride and W.I.N.

Megan has been in operation and organizational management since 2005, helping small businesses be more productive and efficient. She has the ability to recognize areas of improvement before they are needed. This allows each organization she has worked for to get the most out of the business operations. She is passionate about community, nature, and self care. Her educational background includes child development, social psychology, and human resource management. Often referred to as “Head Zookeeper,” Megan uses her awesome communication, organization, and people skills to build our contractor network and ensure our culture is easy to be a part of. When she is not working for us, she is working for you.”

No matter if I am focusing on work, school, or other passions I always give it my all and strive to be great. “Whatever you are, be a good one.
~ Abraham Lincoln

Words from Megan…

My passion is empowering people. As an artist I have the ability to adapt to many subgroups and to be accepted by them. This is a the true power of mine because it allows me to connect to every walk of life and to empower them to be more than they ever thought possible. As I work to grow “The Pride Contractor Community” I am blessed everyday because I am walking the path of my purpose, connecting people.

Throughout my life I have always been drawn toward leadership roles. So when the opportunity to work with Blue Zoo Creative arose, I ecstatically joined. This job has been a blessing in many ways not only on the path to fulfilling my purpose but also allowing me harmony in the aspect of work and life.

Other passions I have include; healthy living, growing spiritually, reading, shopping, and my number one is being outside. You can find me at the river, lake, beach or forest soaking up some sun or at a concert listening to some great music with my friends.

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