You’ve talked to everyone you know. You’ve started attending Networking events. You’ve started dabbling in Social Media. What’s next, you ask?

4) Free Factoids

It’s time to add value to your services/products, set yourself above others as an expert in your field, and go above and beyond in your quest to give more value to others than you receive.

“Wait. What? GIVE more than I receive? I’ll go broke!”

Here’s the trick. Give more “VALUE” simply means giving what you have in excess in return for what you need from others, like…money. Your experience is something that you have in droves that no one else has. For some of us, being asked to paint a landscape or fix a transmission seems like an impossible task. We’d have to pay a FORTUNE for that. However, if you are an artist or a mechanic, the task is simple and you can do it for simply the cost of supplies.

What you find simple is worth gold to others. THAT is the “Free Factoid” you can share to add value to your site.

Besides making your site invaluable to others to find “Free” information, one of the best things to do is start offering your website visitor an incentive for buying now.

At Blue Zoo Websites, we give our blog subscribers, a FREE booklet on the “7 Things You Need for Your Business Start-up.” We wrote it from our experience in the six companies combined, the two of us have started and/or sold.

We have many more offerings in the works as well. Our goal, and yours, should be to make your product SO valuable, that the price is nothing compared to what your client gets in return.

The easiest to produce are ‘eBooks’ where you simply write what you know, without giving away the best parts. You want your client to come back for those.

Some other ideas for ‘freebies’ are:

  • eBooks by you (mentioned above)
  • eBooks by another author WITH their permission
  • Memberships (limited) to some relevant service
  • Gift to be mailed, downloaded
  • Gift Certificates (prepaid cards are common)
  • Additional product for buying ‘now’

The goal is to up your value by giving things away that don’t cost you anything but time.

“Give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value; then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction” – Wallace D Wattles

So what knowledge do you have you can share? Let’s see it.


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